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Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance for cyclists

Reasons to choose Cycleguard Roadcare

  • 'Active' option for cyclists that participate in competitive cycle sports
  • 3 levels of Public liability cover available £1, £2 and £5 million
  • Personal Accident cover included
  • Our easy to use site makes it simple!

Cycleguard - providing insurance for the UK's cyclists

Cycling has never been so popular, particularly in cities where congestion, the lack (or cost) of parking and the rising cost in public and private transport have encouraged people to literally get on their bike. Data from Transport for London shows that cycling in the Central London area grew by 74% from 1993 - 2002 and there's been a further increase of 16 percent in cycling into the congestion charge zone, which lies within the central area, since the charge was introduced.

For many cyclists insurance will be as necessary as car insurance is for motorists - they face exactly the same problems of theft, damage and, of course, the liability they face should they cause an accident either injuring a person or damaging their property.

Cycleguard offer low cost cyclist insurance covering the cyclist themselves and the bicycle they ride. We have various options to suit the wide variety of cyclists and cycling, you select the options you need and save money by not paying for options you'll never use. For instance, if your home contents cover does provide adequate insurance for your bicycle, you may still choose to take out our public liability cover to protect you from third party claims. This part of our cyclist insurance also includes personal accident cover in case you injure yourself whilst using your bike.

And it's not difficult to see why cycle commuting has taken off. In a recent study by Citroen, the car maker discovered that, during rush hour, the average speed of a car in London is just 7mph, whilst an average cyclist can travel at 12-15mph, twice the speed!

Get in the fast lane for your cyclist insurance with Cycleguard - get an instant online quote now.